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Nov 05, 2017

Scared Straight

Passage: Acts 4:32-5:11

Preacher: Travis Fleming

Series: Unfinished


Today's passage gives us a...

1.  Snapshot of believers in community.
     We are to...
       A.  Get together frequently
       B.  Grow in unity
       C.  Give generously

2.  Sample of generosity.
     It comes from a...
       A.  Changed heart
     There is often a personal...
       B.  Cost
     It is motivated out of a genuine...
       C.  Concern for others

3.  Situation of hypocrisy.
     It involved...
       A.  Deliberate deception
       B.  Demonic deliberation
     And resulted in a...
       C.  Deadly declaration

4.  Serious call to authenticity.
     It requires us to...
       A.  Check our motives
       B.  Challenge our comforts
       C.  Change our ways