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Generation Change

Our student small groups will be working through Generation Change — a Bible-driven study designed to lead teens to a better understanding of God, themselves and their money — and how it all works together.   Can you imagine the life your children will have if you equip them with information on how to handle money God’s way at an early age?

If your student hasn’t been attending youth group, consider having them try it for this 9-week hands-on series.  They'll get to know other students and learn a lot about managing money God's way.

  • Sugar Grove Campus: Wednesdays, 6:30 pm, beginning January 31
  • Aurora Campus: Sundays, 9 am, beginning February 4


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COST: We incur $15 cost per student for this study.  We ask that you cover this cost if you are able.

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Series 1: BE Who God Created

Lesson 1: Be Yourself

Teens will learn that their identity isn't wrapped up in what the world says. Rachel covers contentment and the truth that money itself isn't evil. This lesson also emphasizes that it's not about how much money you have, but rather what you do with money that matters.

Lesson 2: Be Realistic

Today's teens are drowning in advertising and hit with peer pressure all day every day. In this lesson, students learn how to fight these pressures—and win. The concepts of debt and net worth are also introduced, along with the question of whether or not it's okay to have nice things.

Lesson 3: Be Aware

Teens face a lot of money myths: My parents will always take care of me. One day, I'll have as much money as my parents do now. Teens don't need to budget. Money isn't spiritual. I shouldn't give if I don't have money. This lesson debunks these myths and gives students a new mindset for their money.


Series 2: DO More With Your Money

Lesson 1: Do the Details

A budget is the key to winning with money—even for teens! This lesson teaches basic budgeting, including Dave's cash envelope system and debit card strategies. Plus, students will tackle the subject of wants versus needs.

Lesson 2: Do the Math

Math isn't fun. This lesson is. Teens will learn how to prioritize saving over spending and how to save for big things like a car and college. They'll also learn how compound interest works, the basics of mutual funds, and why having an emergency fund is such a big deal.

Lesson 3: Do Your Part

What made the Good Samaritan so good? It was his attitude about giving. In this lesson, Dave and Rachel explore the meaning of stewardship. Topics include giving both time and money, understanding the tithe, giving beyond the tithe through offerings, and how teens can make an impact on the world today!


Series 3: GO Write Your Story

Lesson 1: Go Debt Free

What makes debt so dangerous? This eye-opening lesson reveals the truth about debt, from credit cards to student loans, along with strategies for living a debt-free life. Students also learn how a credit score works and why it's no measure of winning with money.

Lesson 2: Go to Work

In this lesson, teens start to figure out their purpose in life and how choose a college major that fits. They'll also learn how to set big goals, create a winning resume, and ace a job interview.

Lesson 3: Go the Distance

This lesson shows teens how to follow God's plan through their college years—and after. Topics include how to pick classes, buy books, get scholarships and grants, and more. This lesson also explores the cost of life in the "real world," from insurance to investing. Life takes a plan. They'll get it here!