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Investing to Maximize Your Eternal Returns

We strive to be good stewards of all the resources entrusted to us, from buildings to office supplies, and from local pastors to foreign missionaries. We want to be found faithful in all we are called to do, whether the task is small or large. This extends to how we use your contributed dollars. If Village is not seen as a "good investment" for the funds God has entrusted to you, those funds should be invested in a more worthy kingdom ministry.

We, however, think Village is an excellent "investment." At the heart of our mission statement is a commitment to spread and to multiply the grace given to us by extending it to others. To that end, we work hard to be copper-plated conduits of God's grace to those both near and far, and to avoid any sense of gold-plating when so many are perishing around us. This call to a wartime lifestyle (a lifestyle that maximizes all you are and all you have for the sake of finishing the great commission) and all it entails drives our stewardship of "your" money.

What Your Contributions Support

Your contributions to the Church & Missions budget are used to support two broad categories: Ministry and Operating Expenses, and Evangelism and Missions Expenses. Ministry and Operating categories include support for Pastors and Staff, Building and Property, Family Discipleship, Adult Ministries, Worship and Music, and Office. Evangelism and Missions categories include funding for World Missions, Neighborhood Outreach, Campus Outreach, and Church Planting.


Ways to Give Back to God


You can make an online contribution (one-time or reoccuring) from your checking account or savings account.  This is a great method as it saves you and the church time and the church doesn't incur a transaction fee as we do with Credit Card contributions. This is a great way to go!  

There are several benefits to online giving for both you and the church.

First Fruits
In Proverbs 3:9 we are taught to honor the Lord with the "First Fruits" of our labor. By setting up a recurring contribution that is scheduled to come out of your account on the day you specify you can ensure that your First Fruits are given back to God.

You will not need to remember if you gave this month or send in your offering checks when you are out of town.

Online giving is more secure than giving with a check in that an electronic gift can't be lost or stolen.

No Distractions
Instead of needing to worry about writing your contribution check during the service, you can be fully engaged with the worship service, knowing that you have already given your offering.

Helping Village
It is more cost effective for the church to process online contributions. In addition, it also simplifies the financial records the church needs to keep.


Giving Boxes

Place a check or cash in one of the giving boxes located at the back of the church sanctuary. Giving envelopes are available in your bulletin and near the offering boxes.


You may mail a check or schedule an electronic check payment with your bank to be sent to: Village Bible Church c/o Giving, 847 North State Route 47, Sugar Grove, IL 60554

Stocks or Mutual Funds

Giving stocks or mutual funds that have appreciated in value can be a good way to make a significant contribution to Village Bible Church and avoid the capital gains tax that might be realized if the stock were sold. Please contact one of our treasurers ( ) for more information.

Employer Match

Many employers will match charitable gifts, up to a certain amount. Churches almost always qualify for these matching contributions. The only thing you need to do is fill out the paperwork. It's a great way to increase your impact! 



Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Sell your possessions, and give to the needy. Provide yourselves with moneybags that do not grow old, with a treasure in the heavens that does not fail, where no thief approaches and no moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. (Luke 12:32-34)

Designated Giving

In order to maintain the tax-deductible status of your gift, gift designation preferences cannot be guaranteed. However, we will work hard to use your funds as designated and have never knowingly not applied a contribution as designated. For mission trips, if the person you designate your gift for exceeds their financial need, the funds will be used for others on their trip who are short of funds or for others on another mission trip.

Privacy Policy

For more information regarding the data we collect, see our privacy policy.