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Jun 25, 2017

Soli Deo Gloria

Passage: Romans 11:36

Preacher: Travis Fleming

Series: Five Solas


Understanding God's glory requires our...

1.  Developing a working definition:
       The manifest display of who God is

2.  Discovering its various manifestations.
       ●  His glory is displayed in all of Creation.
       ●  His glory is seen in His creatures.
       ●  His glory is supremely seen in His Christ.

3.  Discussing our desperate situation.
       ●  We have treated God improperly.
       ●  We have taken credit foolishly.
       ●  This leads to God's terrifying response.

4.  Determining our participation.
       ●  Recognize God for who He is.
       ●  Realize all He does.
       ● Run from sin.
       ●  Refuse to compromise.
       ● Rely on His promises.
       ●  Repent of sin.
       ●  Resolve to find your satisfaction in Him.
       ●  Reflect back to Him what He means to you.