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Steve and Brenda Hostetter

Steve and Brenda Hostetter

Oak Hills Christian College,

Steve and Brenda Hostetter serve at Oak Hills Christian College in Bemidji, Minnesota, where Steve serves as President. OHCC offers a bible-based education that helps students develop a Christ- centered worldview and a heart for loving God and serving others. They are rejoicing for the provision of a volunteer campus pastoral couple and for a good recent enrollment.

It has been a significant season of ministry at all three branches of ministry: Oak Hills Christian College, Oak Hills Center for Indian Ministries, and Camp Oak Hills. The purpose of Mohakum Ministry Center is to train and equip Native American disciples and leaders through culturally relevant biblical education, ministry training, and character formation. Zane Williams, a Native American pastor from Phoenix, is the new CIM Director. His father was one of the original students of Mohakum in the 1950s, so he has strong ties to this ministry and brings valuable experience and leadership to CIM. Camp Oak Hills reopened the summer of 2009! After two weeks of staff training, they ran five weeks of youth camps with a total of 187 campers attending. Significant spiritual decisions were made at Camp Oak Hills this summer. Twenty-one campers accepted Christ’s gift of salvation, and 10 more made other spiritual commitments!

School's Mission

To offer a Bible-based education that helps students develop a Christ-centered worldview and a heart for loving God and serving others.