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RightNow Video Library

To access the VBC RightNow digital library, scroll down and fill out the form.

We’ve partnered with a ministry called RightNow Media to provide you with some really outstanding discipleship material that your whole family can use right at your home.   

We’re calling it the Right Now equipping library, and basically, it’s a Netflix type of service filled with great Biblical teaching from the likes of John Piper, Matt Chandler, Dave Ramsey, Tim Keller, Priscilla Shirer, and a ton more  - faithful teachers of the Word of God. Because we want to pour into you and resource you and equip you as grow in your maturing and submitting to Jesus Christ as your master and Lord.

It’s something that our church is providing to you – our church family.  And this is our gift to you – the church is covering the cost on this because we want to invest in you – we happen to think you’re a good investment - and we think this is another great way to help us all grow in our faith and to strengthen our families.

We’re really excited about this. How many of you are like me and sometimes let you kids watch junk on Netflix just because it’s easy? Wouldn’t you love for them learn about Biblical virtues, about missionaries, church fathers and other heroes of our faith?  Our Right Now Equipping Library takes the ease of being available on every screen – smartphone, tablet, smart TV – anywhere you can watch Netflix you can watch Right Now – and it’s easy to pass it on to your kids to let them browse the special All Kids section.

I’m so excited about this partnership, but more than anything else, I’m excited about the multiplied opportunities for you and your kids to GROW.