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Our Missions Blueprint

Missions begins at the center of the heart of God, flowing from His unrelenting purpose to receive worship. We desire to have a church full of worshippers who truly understand that our actions are an outpouring of our desire to glorify God.

Part of our blueprint as Village Bible Church is Missions. As our multi-site church grows, our investment in missions – both in terms of financial resources and of people grows. Through the overarching ACTS 1:8 Ministry it is our goal to provide opportunities for partnerships to develop with missionaries as well as discipleship and mentoring for our congregation members in the area of missions.

While God gave a unique gift of speaking in other languages to the new church at Pentecost, today the work of speaking the Good News in a foreign tongue can require a life-long commitment. Read here about what Ben and Missy Hatton are up to in Papua New Guinea where they have recently begun translating the Bible into the Amdu language.

Missionary Highlight

Benjamin and Missy


“The Lord has enabled our team to take significant last steps to finish the first phase of our ministry that we refer to as Culture and Language Acquisition. In previous updates we have described important projects we needed to complete to help consultants gauge our readiness for the next phase of ministry. We are thrilled to be nearing the end of this massive undertaking.

Most of our energy has been funneled into preparing literacy materials for the Amdu Literacy Program. This collaborative effort is hard to quantify in terms of hours spent, but the number is obnoxiously high. We have come through the final steps of the process and we are days away from the materials getting printed. All of these efforts will culminate in another language evaluation September 25th and 26th. Lord willing, we will be able to demonstrate ability in the areas of persuasion and teaching in the Amdu language. Explaining abstract concepts and making practical application with exhortation is the area of weakness identified in our last evaluation some six months ago. We've been working hard on these areas since, and trust that God will enable us to adequately demonstrate this to our consultants next week. Thanks for continuing to pray with us. 

Whether we pass our language evaluation next week or not, we are at a place in 'ministry readiness' to be able to proceed with our plans to launch the first Amdu Literacy Class at the beginning of October. We have selected the first fifteen students and are putting finishing touches to our teacher's manual that will help guide us through the well-structured steps of teaching each day. 

This week we are taking time to encourage students who are apprehensive about not being able to keep up. We're explaining that the course is like a father and his small boy walking the trail to the garden. Does the father go at his own pace and leave his son behind? Of course not. In the same way, we won't leave the slow students behind as we learn. Hurry the day, Lord, that the Gospel goes out to the Amdu people.

Thank you is not enough for the ways God uses each of you to prop us up against the wind that would blow us down and smash us on the rocks!

Where do YOU fit in the task of Bible translation?

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Short Term Teams

Missions is not just something we pray for in distant lands. It is something we actively engage in on a regular basis.

Whether it’s our Global Action Teams engaging with partner ministries on the other side of the planet, or the Local Action Teams engaging in reaching our neighbors, and nearby cities, Short Term Action Teams are a critical part of our Acts 1:8 strategy. As Jesus was ascending into heaven, He commanded his disciples to be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. We want to follow that pattern ourselves. Starting close to home, and letting the ripple-effect of our faith spread.

Online application

Upcoming Missions Events

Mums for Missions

September 25, 12:00am

Prison Ministry Outreach

October 14, 12:00pm


Long-Term Partners

As a church, we partner with missionaries and organizations who desire to make their life's work serving the Lord and proclaiming His work on the cross. We deeply value each person and organization we work with, and continue to be amazed with how God works locally and internationally. By forming genuine relationships with our long term missionaries, we desire to bring about mutual learning and a more meaningful partnership.  

To speak to the Director of Missions about potential partnership, please email 



Partner Individuals

Richard and Geraldine Akers

ZEMA, South

Brent and Stephanie Batiste

NIU Athletes in Action, DeKalb

Jon and Lauren Emanuelson

ZEMA, South Africa

Shawn and Laura Boyd

Trans World Radio, Austria

Karney and Lydia Dunah

ULICAF, Liberia

John and Cheryl Fornelli

Commission to Every Nation, Aurora

Doc and Nel Fuder

Heart for the City,

Chris and Maylin Hartwick

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, Hong

Ben and Missy Hatton

New Tribes Mission, Papua New Guinea

Leighton and Jennie Helwig

Faith Academy, Philippines

Anne Miller

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Aurora

Clyde and Edith Murphy

Camino Global, Guatemala

Phil and Sarah Nickels

Rafiki Foundation,

Lisa O'Brien

Commission to Every Nation, Ugandaoffice: 256778895028

Chad and Julie Reeser

World Venture, Madrid

Victor and Amanda Rodriguez

Crossroads Missions, Mexico

Andrew and Megan Rowland

Tanalian Leadership Center, Alaska

Jonathan and Becky Schuster

Greater Europe Mission, Dublin

Omar and Rose Sutherland

Cru, Cary, Illinois

Bruce and Linda Thomas

World Venture, Poland

Jessie VanSchepen

Crossworld, Ireland

Cori Wittman

ServantWorks, Thailand