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Our Missions Blueprint

Missions begins at the center of the heart of God, flowing from His unrelenting purpose to receive worship. We desire to have a church full of worshippers who truly understand that our actions are an outpouring of our desire to glorify God.

Part of our blueprint as Village Bible Church is Missions. As our multi-site church grows, our investment in missions – both in terms of financial resources and of people grows. Through the overarching ACTS 1:8 Ministry it is our goal to provide opportunities for partnerships to develop with missionaries as well as discipleship and mentoring for our congregation members in the area of missions.

While God gave a unique gift of speaking in other languages to the new church at Pentecost, today the work of speaking the Good News in a foreign tongue can require a life-long commitment. Read here about what Ben and Missy Hatton are up to in Papua New Guinea where they have recently begun translating the Bible into the Amdu language.

Missionary Highlight

Dear Friends,

We enjoyed a rather eventful summer this year. An Irish Bible Institute student visited us in the U.S., Caleb returned from college, Andrew graduated from high school, and we traveled quite a bit—including a trip to California for a family wedding. It was no surprise that August arrived quickly and it was time to empty our apartment, pack up our boys for college, and fly out to Ireland. Since our return we have caught every bug the change of weather has brought. As I write Jonathan is just getting over laryngitis but he gave it to me! Even so, we have been encouraged by our time here thus far.

While we Americans like big things (a big turn out to an event, big vehicles, etc.), it can seem discouraging to have such a small graduating class as IBI had this year. However, when we consider the quality of our graduates and the "big" things they are doing for God's Kingdom we are encouraged.

Here in Ireland graduation ceremonies often take place in September, and IBI is no exception. In this link you can see some photos of IBI's recent graduation ceremony. (The slide show is only 90 seconds long and worth seeing.) Two students who are pictured are Paul Maloney and Yee Hoi (above.) Paul is using what he learned at IBI in a ministry called The Joshua Project, a very successful program to help drug addicts find freedom in Christ. Yee Hoi is the pastor of a large Chinese church in Dublin. During the graduation ceremony he shared how he has used what he learned in Jonathan's Old Testament classes to help him write his sermons. He also found the Pastoral Care classes to have given him very practical tools to aid in counseling his church members, and the confidence to know when he could help or should encourage someone to seek professional help. (The Chinese Church is one of the largest churches in the Republic of Ireland.)

It is such a joy to be part of their lives and this ministry. Thank you for praying for us. In answer to prayer, we received the funds we needed to return to Ireland, we had a refreshing time in the U.S., and we were ready for our return. We would appreciate your continued prayers for:

  • Our health. It is difficult to keep up on things when unhealthy.
  • For Caleb, our junior in college who will be doing an internship with Wycliffe Bible Translators. (See Please pray that God will orchestrate the right missionary to mentor him during his time overseas; they have yet to assign him a location but we expect it to be in a rather remote location.
  • Becky would like to start a new women's Bible study in our area. Please pray for the right timing and for those who will come.
  • Evan continues to be very outspoken about his faith at his high school of almost 1000 students. Continue to pray for him to be a light and for us as we seek a solid youth group he can attend and find some Christian friends.
  • Also, for Jonathan and Andrew as they continue with their studies.

In the Name of Jesus,

Jonathan & Becky Schuster

"For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him..."  (2 Chronicles 16:9a ).

PRAY for the Schusters and let them know it!
GIVE to their ministry at Greater Europe Mission



Short Term Teams

Missions is not just something we pray for in distant lands. It is something we actively engage in on a regular basis.

Whether it’s our Global Action Teams engaging with partner ministries on the other side of the planet, or the Local Action Teams engaging in reaching our neighbors, and nearby cities, Short Term Action Teams are a critical part of our Acts 1:8 strategy. As Jesus was ascending into heaven, He commanded his disciples to be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. We want to follow that pattern ourselves. Starting close to home, and letting the ripple-effect of our faith spread.

Online application

Upcoming Missions Events

Prison Ministry Outreach

October 21, 12:00pm


Long-Term Partners

As a church, we partner with missionaries and organizations who desire to make their life's work serving the Lord and proclaiming His work on the cross. We deeply value each person and organization we work with, and continue to be amazed with how God works locally and internationally. By forming genuine relationships with our long term missionaries, we desire to bring about mutual learning and a more meaningful partnership.  

To speak to the Director of Missions about potential partnership, please email 



Partner Individuals

Richard and Geraldine Akers

ZEMA, South

Brent and Stephanie Batiste

NIU Athletes in Action, DeKalb

Jon and Lauren Emanuelson

ZEMA, South Africa

Shawn and Laura Boyd

Trans World Radio, Austria

Karney and Lydia Dunah

ULICAF, Liberia

John and Cheryl Fornelli

Commission to Every Nation, Aurora

Doc and Nel Fuder

Heart for the City,

Chris and Maylin Hartwick

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, Hong

Ben and Missy Hatton

New Tribes Mission, Papua New Guinea

Leighton and Jennie Helwig

Faith Academy, Philippines

Anne Miller

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Aurora

Clyde and Edith Murphy

Camino Global, Guatemala

Phil and Sarah Nickels

Rafiki Foundation,

Lisa O'Brien

Commission to Every Nation, Ugandaoffice: 256778895028

Chad and Julie Reeser

World Venture, Madrid

Victor and Amanda Rodriguez

Crossroads Missions, Mexico

Andrew and Megan Rowland

Tanalian Leadership Center, Alaska

Jonathan and Becky Schuster

Greater Europe Mission, Dublin

Omar and Rose Sutherland

Cru, Cary, Illinois

Bruce and Linda Thomas

World Venture, Poland

Jessie VanSchepen

Crossworld, Ireland

Cori Wittman

ServantWorks, Thailand